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Association of Pathology Chairs
2015 Annual Meeting

July 14-17, 2015
Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA

Regional Meetings
Future APC Summer Meetings
Past APC Summer Meetings


APC 2002 Annual Meeting

APC/PRODS/PDAS 2002 Annual Meeting
Bringing Out the Best: In Our Residents, Programs and Departments
Park City Marriott Hotel, Park City, UT
July 24-27, 2002

Meeting Agenda
Leadership Workshop for APC and PRODS, July 24
PDAS Meeting, July 24 and 25


Digital Pathology
Leaders: John R. Wright and Steven L. Spitalnik

Professional Development for Program Directors
Leaders: Charles C. Marboe and Robert L. Reddick

Dealing with the Challenging Resident
Leaders: V. O. Speight Jr. and Ralph Green

Transition to the Four-Year Program
Leaders: William F. Glass II, Mary E. Fidler and Suzanne Z. Powell

Teaching Molecular Pathology to Residents
Leaders: C. Bruce Alexander and Lazaro E. Gerschenson

How to Develop a Quality Competency-Based Residency Program
Leaders: Larry J. Fowler and Jonathan Braun

Developing Competencies in the Busines of Pathology
Leaders: James D, Faix, Marcia H. McCall and David S. Wilkinson

What Residents Must Learn From Their Training in Order to Avoid Trouble (And to be Good Pathologists)
Leaders: Carole L. Pillinger, Peter J. Howanitz and Sandra Jaros

Teaching the Most Important Political Issues in Pathology: The Local, Regional and National Perspective
Leaders: Rebecca L. Johnson and Paul Bachner

Recruiting and Retaining Pathology Residents
Leaders: Janice Marie Lage and Richard E. Sobonya