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Association of Pathology Chairs
2016 Annual Meeting

July 12-15, 2016
Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA

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Association of Pathology Chairs
2014 Annual Meeting
July 8-11, 2014
Seaport Boston Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

Academic Pathology by 2020 - Where Are We Headed and How Do We Get There Together?


At the last three APC annual meetings, we examined in detail the impact of genomics and personalized medicine (in 2011), health information technology and clinical informatics (in 2012), and health care reform (in 2013) on pathology practice and the academic pathology community.  We also discussed workforce issues in pathology and laboratory medicine.  The time is now right to discuss how technological innovations and changes in health care delivery can be effectively operationalized in pathology over the next few years and what role academic pathology should play in this process.  Accurate projections of the future are difficult to do and probably not realistic beyond a horizon of about 5-7 years.  Thus, 6 years (i.e. 2020) may be an appropriate timeframe in which to try to project and plan for the future of pathology.  Presentations and discussions will be focused on attempting to realistically project what pathology practice, education, and research will look like by 2020 and what concrete steps the academic pathology community should take now to ensure the best possible outcomes in each of the three areas.


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