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PIER Happenings

Late August — Notify/Announce Alpha Test Programs
September 10 — Presentation to Northeast Regional Meeting
October 1 — Presentation to Southeast Regional Meeting
October 21 — Presentation to West/Midwest Regional Meeting
Early October — Launch PIER Resource Guide - Release 1
Late October — Prepare/Train Alpha Test PRODS
November — Begin Alpha Test


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What is PIER?

PIER is a research- based instructional resource developed by the APC, API and CAP that presents training topics, implementation strategies and resource options for PRODS and faculty to effectively provide informatics training to their residents and meet ACGME informatics milestone requirements.

Successful implementation of PIER is intended to help residency programs provide a sufficient pipeline of residents trained in pathology informatics knowledge and skills required now and in the future.

Release Plan

PIER Release 0 was introduced at the July 2014 APC Annual Meeting. Release 1 will be alpha tested by residency programs beginning in fall 2014. Release 1 will be made available here for use by all residency programs during alpha testing.