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PIER Happenings

January 2015 – Begin Alpha Test
July 2015 – PIER at APC Annual Meeting
October 2015 – End Alpha Test
December 2015 – Identify changes for Release 2




Alpha Test Programs

PIER Release 1 will be alpha tested by the following residency programs starting in November 2014. The test period is one year.


Baystate Medical Center

Cleveland Clinic

George Washington University

Medical University of South Carolina

University of Buffalo

University of Kentucky

University of New Mexico

University of Miami

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California

University of Toledo

University of Washington

University of Vermont

Vanderbilt University




Other PIER Users

Release 1 is available for use by all pathology residency programs during alpha testing. Refer to the PIER Instructional Resource Guide for details.


Your feedback is also very important to us! Program directors will be asked to participate in the following data collection activities:


December 2014 – Online baseline survey

October 2015 – Online end of implementation survey

Pathology Informatics Essentials for Residents

Resource Page


PIER is a research- based instructional resource developed by the APC, API and CAP that presents training topics, implementation strategies and resource options for PRODS and faculty to effectively provide informatics training to their residents and meet ACGME informatics milestone requirements.

Successful implementation of PIER is intended to help residency programs provide a sufficient pipeline of residents trained in pathology informatics knowledge and skills required now and in the future.

PIER Release 1 will be alpha tested by residency programs for one year starting in November 2014. Release 1 is available below for use by all residency programs during alpha testing.


document thumbnail

PIER At-a-Glance (PDF)


PIER Instructional

Resource Guide

Release 1 (PDF)


Explains PIER's approach and curriculum scope and sequence

PIER Toolkit

Release 1 (PDF)


Provides the interactive tool templates to plan, implement, and manage PIER


PIER Training Webinar 2014 (PDF)

Slides used to train Alpha Test participants

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