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Association of Pathology Chairs
2015 Annual Meeting

July 14-17, 2015
Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA


Practice & Management Committee

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Chair - Barbara Ducatman, West Virginia University
Vice Chair - Evan Cadoff - Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

In accordance with APC's Operating Procedures, the goals of the Practice & Management Committee are to:

  1. Facilitate networking among chairs and administrators of academic pathology departments to deal with problems related to the clinical and administrative missions.
  2. Provide chairs and administrators of academic pathology departments with data that is useful to address clinical and administrative problems of pathology, including: defining areas of most concern to the membership, developing survey questions that produce optimal data that is applicable to the concerns of academic pathology, conducting surveys and analyzing and distributing data; and writing white papers to assist pathology departments in dealing with practice management concerns as needed.
  3. Support department administrators in PDAS activities.
  4. Keep the membership appraised of the activities of pathology organizations, particularly the College of American Pathologists, the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American Medical Association, that affect the clinical missions of academic pathology departments and to provide a forum for expression of the concerns of academic pathology.

If you are a department chair who is interested in joining a committee, please contact the APC office at
301-634-7880 or

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