Pathology Department Administrators (PDAS)

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The Pathology Department Administrators Section (PDAS) of the Association of Pathology Chairs provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas to make recommendations concerning the business and administrative aspects of running an academic Pathology department.

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Emeritus Membership

  • About
    Former PDAS members are encouraged to stay engaged through a PDAS Emeritus membership. Emeritus members may attend meetings and participate in the committees or sections of the Association as deemed necessary to advance the mission of said committees, sections, and meetings. Emeritus members may not vote or hold elected positions on the PDAS Council. These members shall be invited to participate in the PDAS listserv.
  • Eligibility
    Former members of PDAS who wish to continue their affiliation with PDAS will require the approval of PDAS Council. To request Emeritus status and approval from Council, the former PDAS member must submit a letter of interest to PDAS Council. Current Emeritus members need not re-apply.
  • Applying for Membership
    To apply for membership, please email your letter of interest to the APC office at [email protected]