Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Faculty Leaders Network


AAMC data suggests Pathology is one of the most diverse specialties in medicine. APC recognizes that a diverse work force and an inclusive, respectful work environment serve to promote the missions of excellence in patient care and academic pathology. Each individual pathology department must identify its own unique issues to effectively address DEI and to attain the healthiest workplace environment possible. While many other pathology organizations have established committees and task forces dedicated to DEI mission, the APC is unique with its departmental membership of faculty in the top leadership roles of academic pathology departments that will enable this DEI Faculty Leaders Network to be directly connected with the Department Chairs.

The APC DEI Faculty Leaders Network aims to:

  • Create a network connecting the designated DEI representative (such as Vice Chairs, officers, or advocates) from academic pathology departments.
  • Develop and provide educational resources.
  • Include DEI in APC programmed events, such as virtual or in-person (Annual Meeting) opportunities.

Appointment Process

  1. Department Chairs can submit their DEI faculty leader name via this online form: www.surveymonkey.com/r/APCDEIFacultyLeadersNetwork
  2. All submitted names will be reviewed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the APC Leadership Development & Diversity (LD&D) Committee.
  3. Approved APC DEI Faculty Leaders Network members will be added to an APC listserv for the DEI faculty leader network. 

For questions about the DEI Faculty Leaders Network, please contact Jenny Libien, MD (Chair, SUNY Downstate), Vice Chair of the LD&D Committee ([email protected]) and Mel Limson, PhD, APC Director of Programs and Development ([email protected]). Thank you to the network facilitator, Deniz Peker Barclift, MD (Vice Chair for DEI, Emory University). The DEI Faculty Leader Network virtually convened for the first time on September 26, 2023, and are tentatively planning quarterly virtual meetings throughout the academic year.