Society of 67 Contributions

Giving to the Society of ’67

Thank you to those who have supported the Society of ’67 with their generous financial contributions to achieve the mission and vision of the APC!

We recognize our donors’ generosity and vision at the APC Annual Meeting and in APC publications. Individual contributors over the Donor level are also inducted into the Society of ’67. Friends enjoy annual membership, while Supporters, Providers, Benefactors, and Founders enjoy lifetime membership. Society members receive lapel pins, Society of ’67 ribbons for meeting name tags, and biennially elect individuals to the Society of ’67 Board for a two-year term.

Giving opportunities include Medical Student Travel Scholarships, APC Webinar and Educational Program Support, and Resident and Fellow Research and Publication Grants. In addition to these giving opportunities, other donations consistent with the Association's mission and vision will be considered. The Society works closely with contributors to assure that their interests are addressed and that they are informed of the impact their contribution has made. You may also memorialize those who have made significant contributions to the APC and pathology by making contributions in their name.

The Society Board assures that your contribution supports the mission and vision of the Association. Only programs and projects approved by the Board that are in keeping with the mission of the APC are funded.


Levels of Donation

The Society provides a vehicle for individuals, families and corporate partners to support academic pathology and improve the health of our nation through patient care, research, education and advocacy. We recognize our donors’ generosity and vision at the APC Annual Meeting and in APC publications. Additionally, donors are recognized for their contributions as follows:

    • Donors, who contribute less than $1,000 per year, receive:
      • recognition on APC’s website
      • receipt for tax deductible contribution
    • Friends, who contribute $1,000 per year, receive:
      • all Donor-level benefits
      • recognition in publications and at the Annual Meeting
      • Society lapel pin and name tag ribbon
      • annual membership in the Society of ’67
      • Society voting privileges
    • Supporters, who contribute $10,000 lump sum or aggregate, receive:
      • all Friend-level benefits
      • lifetime membership in the Society of ’67
    • Providers, who contribute $50,000 lump sum or aggregate, receive:
      • all Supporter-level benefits
      • ability to designate which program receives funding
    • Benefactors, who contribute $100,000 lump sum or aggregate, receive:
      • all Provider-level benefits
      • VIP premiums (such as special invitations and event discounts, determined annually by the Society Board)

Corporate donations are welcomed in the above categories, but are not eligible to vote or serve on the Society Board.


Contributor List

The Society of ’67 and the APC express their appreciation to the following individuals for their generous financial contributions:

      • Benefactors ($100,000 to $1,000,000)

        Fred P. Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Thomas D. Kinney

      • Providers ($50,000 to next level)

        Dr. & Mrs. James M. Crawford

      • Supporters ($10,000 to next level)

        David N. Bailey, MD
        Barbara S. Ducatman, MD
        Tristram Parslow, MD, PhD
        Harry E. Pukay-Martin, MBA, CPA, FHFMA