Our Mission

The APC has established the Society of ’67 to support programs aligned with the Association's mission and vision. The Society's name honors the founding of the APC, which occurred in 1967.

The APC is the voice of academic pathology. Academic pathology leads the way in assuring accurate and timely clinical diagnoses, identifying new diagnostic and prognostic tumor markers and molecular tests, making critical discoveries that expand our understanding of and ability to treat disease processes, and enhancing the way in which we educate medical students, residents and the public. The APC envisions excellence in all missions of academic pathology, supporting continuous improvements in healthcare, medical education, and research, and advocating for high-quality, safe, equitable, affordable, and accessible medical care.

A gift to the Society helps us achieve this vision. The Society provides a vehicle for individuals, families, and corporate partners to support academic pathology and improve the health of our nation through patient care, research, education, and advocacy. 


Our Programs

The Scholars Program provides an opportunity for medical students and residents to familiarize themselves with career opportunities in pathology and the critical role of pathology in healthcare delivery, research, and education through access to national leaders in academic pathology attending the APC Annual Meeting.

The Open Access Award program seeks to promote the publication of high-quality original scholarship in a peer-reviewed journal by authors at an early stage of academic development.

The Trainee Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation will fund innovative research and education projects that address issues of healthcare quality, costs, and/or access related to pathology services.



Your Contributions

The Society of ’67 provides a vehicle for individuals, families and corporate partners to support academic pathology and improve the health of our nation through patient care, research, education and advocacy. We work closely with our contributors to assure that your interests are addressed and that you are informed of the impact your contribution has made. 



Our Board

The Board includes: the APC President, or their designee; the APC Secretary-Treasurer; and 7 members from the Society of ’67, elected by Society of ’67 members. The Society Board Chair presents a Society report, including projects and programs funded, expenditures, and account balances, at APC Council meetings. The Society of '67 Operating Procedures were last amended on October 18, 2019.

Board Members, 2020

  • Lydia Howell, Chair (July 2020 - present), Ex Officio, APC President
  • Barbara Ducatman, Past Chair (January 2019-July 2020), Ex Officio, APC President
  • David Bailey
  • L. Maximilian Buja*
  • James Crawford
  • Robert Hoffman*
  • Rebecca Johnson*
  • Harry Pukay-Martin
  • David Roth, Treasurer, Ex Officio, APC Secretary-Treasurer
  • Fred Sanfilippo
  • *Annual Members

Corporate donors are welcomed, but are not eligible to vote or serve on the Society Board.

Barbara Ducatman, Chair, Ex Officio (2019)
James Crawford
Robert Hoffman*
Peter Kragel* (Chair, 2017-2018)
Kathleen Montone*
Tristam Parslow, Ex Officio (2017-2018)
Harry Pukay-Martin
Daniel Remick*
David Roth, Treasurer, Ex Officio
Fred Sanfilippo
*Annual Members