Society of 67 Pathology Trainee Project Grants In Healthcare Innovation


The Society of ’67 Pathology Trainee Project Grants in Health Services Research and Education funds innovative research and education projects that address issues of healthcare quality, costs, and/or access related to pathology services.

2019 Awardees

  • Kelsey Hummel, DO (and Kenneth Muldrew, MD, MPH, and Irene Stafford, MD), Baylor College of Medicine, Mycoplasma Genitalium in Pregnancy
  • Niklas Krumm, MD, PhD (and Patrick Mathias, MD, PhD), University of Washington, Artificial Intelligence Course for Physicians
  • Nishad Sathe, Medical Student (and Ken Gatter, MD, JD), Oregon Health & Science University, Pathology Cost Education
  • Jenny Weon, MD, PhD (and Bret Evers, MD, PhD), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Spanish Autopsy Guide

2018 Awardees

In December 2018, the inaugural Pathology Trainee Project Grants were awarded to the following recipients. The project description as described in their letters of intent are linked on the project titles below.