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Our Story
"PathElective started as a means of helping students continue clinical pathology training during the pandemic, but it has become so much more. It is now a home for educational content creators, a space to share resources, and most importantly, a space to grow. Whether you are a medical student, a student in health sciences, a pathology resident, a trainee in medicine, or even a patient, we have worked hard to seek out master educators across the various disciplines in pathology and laboratory medicine to bring you a free, accessible, modular adjunct to your pathology education. We are proud to continue our mission as an official publication of the Association for Academic Pathology."
-Cullen Lilley and Kamran Mirza, Cofounders of

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    A PathElective account is completely free and provides unlimited access to course content and educational resources. Visit to create your free account today!
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    From anatomic pathology and clinical pathology to molecular/digital pathology and career resources, PathElective has something for everyone.
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    Each course has built-in pre- and post-lesson quizzes, and after successful completion of each lesson, students are awarded completion certificates to aid in tracking.

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