Senior Fellows Group (SFG)

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The Association of Pathology Chairs' Senior Fellow member category was established in 1993, for former Chair members who have played important roles in APC, and who wish to maintain active membership beyond their terms as Pathology Chairs. Senior Fellows bring decades of past experience to APC, and their input is highly valued by the association, current and aspiring Pathology Chairs, and the larger academic Pathology community.
To learn more about the formation of the Senior Fellows group, and other important association milestones, see the history of APC.

At the July 2017 APC/Chairs business meeting, the Senior Fellows Group (SFG) was officially accepted as a member group of APC, after several years as an ad hoc committee. The SFG is comprised of all Senior Fellow members of APC. Per APC's bylaws, Senior Fellows are non-voting members of APC. The SFG membership consists of former academic department of pathology chairs who have been approved for membership according to the SFG Operating Procedures.


The Senior Fellows Group (SFG) has been established to assist the APC in its activities and mission by:

  1. participating in APC programs, committees, and projects; and
  2. providing advice, consultation, and mentoring to current Chairs and other members of the APC, and to other Pathology Department faculty interested in leadership roles.

SFG Resources

  • SFG Leadership
    The inaugural officers of the SFG Executive Committee were elected in August of 2017. The regular election cycle began in spring 2018 and will occur annually each spring.
  • SFG Processes & Operating Procedures
    The SFG is governed by the SFG Operating Procedures & Processes.
  • SFG Advisers
    The major goal of the Senior Fellows is to assist current Chairs and other members of the APC, including Pathology Department faculty interested in leadership roles, by providing advice, consultation, and mentoring based on their experience. To find Senior Fellows' areas of interest for providing advice, expertise as a potential speaker, past Chair experience, and contact information, view the Senior Fellows Consult List
    Please note: the Consult List is only available to current members of APC (i.e. Chairs and Vice Chairs). Login is required in order to view details on the Senior Fellows involved in consultation.

SFG Membership

  • Eligibility
    Senior Fellow status is granted to applicants who are approved by both the SFG Executive Committee and the APC Council (for details on the application process, see below). 
  • Applying for Membership
    To apply for membership in the Senior Fellows Group, please complete the online Senior Fellows Application Form. Applications are reviewed according to the SFG Operating Procedures.
    If you are unable to complete the online application, please contact us at info(at)
  • Current Members
    See list below.