Pathology Fellowship Opening Data

To Fellowship Program Directors & Coordinators:

To support fellowship programs with unexpected and unfilled openings, the Fellowship Directors Ad Hoc Committee (FDAHC) of the APC recommended establishing a free public list of open fellowship positions. APC launched the list on a trial basis in October 2019 to a very strong and positive response. However, in December 2019, APC was notified by the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) that this list was in direct competition with ICPI's Pathology Fellowship Directory. Thus, APC has removed the list from public view but will continue to collect data on unexpected or unfilled openings within approximately 18 months of matriculation to evaluate trends in these unplanned openings over time. ALL pathology fellowship programs, including ACGME-accredited and non-accredited programs, are encouraged to submit their unexpected and unfilled positions. To enter your data or view accumulated data, please log-in using your APC member credentials or email the APC office at [email protected].

We encourage you to visit ICPI's Pathology Fellowship Directory and to advertise your programs there.

Questions? Contact the APC Office at [email protected]