Pathology Fellowship Openings

To support fellowship programs with unexpected and unfilled openings, the Fellowship Directors Ad Hoc Committee (FDAHC) of the APC recommended establishing a FREE list of OPEN fellowship positions.

ALL pathology fellowship programs, including ACGME-accredited and non-accredited programs, are encouraged to submit their unexpected and unfilled positions NOW and to share this resource with trainees in their departments. Please only post open positions if you are actively interviewing candidates to fill this position. Each posting indicates one or more open positions; please only post once per fellowship program.

Fellowship openings will remain posted, until matriculation or until APC is notified that the position is filled (whichever comes first). See instructions below to find, post or remove fellowship openings.

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How to Post an Opening
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Find a Fellowship Opening

View the spreadsheet below to see a list of current fellowship positions available. Columns may be sorted or filtered by using the basic or advanced filter functions.  IMPORTANT: This list is NOT a comprehensive directory of fellowship programs or open positions, nor is this list in any way related to any fellowship matching program. Each program listed may have one or more openings. Openings listed below are only those that have been voluntarily submitted by fellowship programs in APC member departments.



How to Post a Fellowship Opening

Pathology Subspecialty Fellowship Program Directors and Program Coordinators can post fellowship openings on this dynamic listing for FREE!

Posting: Basic contact and program information are requested on the form. Upon submission, the information will be automatically posted in the viewable spreadsheet above. Only post open positions if you are actively interviewing candidates to fill this position. Please only post once per fellowship program, regardless of the number of open positions. 

Removal: Listings will remain until the APC Office is notified by the submitter (or the Program Contact) or when the matriculation date occurs, whichever is earlier. If the position is filled before the start date, please contact the APC Office to remove your listing. Otherwise, listings will be removed on the Program Start Date. 

We encourage GMEAS and PRODS members to bookmark and disseminate this webpage ( to trainees for the latest updates for unexpected or anticipated openings rather than communicating via the listservs.


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Questions? Contact the APC Office at info(at)