The History of the Association for Academic Pathology

Drs. Fred Gorstein, Mary Lipscomb Lyons, and Frances Pitlick compiled a history of the APC from 1965 to 2013 (PDF).

In 1987, a comprehensive history of the Universities Associated for Research and Education in Pathology (UAREP), tracing back to its inception in 1964, was composed (authors unknown). We have made the history of UAREP from 1964 to 1987 (PDF) available to the public.

Drs. Gorstein, Lipscomb, and Pitlick also compiled a history of UAREP from 1987 to 2004 (PDF). UAREP was dissolved in 2002, and this history also covers UAREP's dissolution and merger into APC in the early 2000's.

A large poster of APC's timeline (PDF) was on display during APC's 2017 jubilee (50th anniversary) meeting.

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