Fellowship Application Resources

The Association for Academic Pathology (AAPath) strongly endorses the national movement to a uniform timeline for fellowship recruitment as described in the recent article by Herrmann et al in Academic Pathology. In a recent announcement by AAPath President, Lydia Pleotis Howell, MD, several key points were made on the importance and responsibility of AAPath membership in supporting a uniform recruitment process to protect pathology residents. All questions and concerns regarding the uniform timeline can be emailed to: FellowshipInquiries@academicpathology.org

For information on Fellowship Open Houses and Unexpected Fellowship Openings, visit www.apcprods.org/fellowship-openings.

The AAPath Council endorses the plans of the AAPath GME Committee to establish:

  1. a free, public registry of open fellowship positions (within 24 months of matriculation), with program contact information, to be promoted by AAPath and maintained by AAPath or ICPI;
  2. a list on the AAPath website of all fellowship programs and their parent departments that have pledged to adhere to the timeline and guidelines;
  3. a confidential review process for reporting violations by fellowship programs that pledged to adhere to the timeline and guidelines; verified violations will be reported to the Chair of the Department housing the fellowship, and
  4. responses and possible penalties, commensurate with levels of infraction, for fellowship programs found to be in violation that pledged to adhere to the timeline and guidelines.

These guidelines will take effect in a phased manner beginning in July 2023.  Note that the AAPath reserves the right to provide consequences to a department who reneges on its stated commitment.  However, we recognize that such circumstances must be explored carefully and confidentially on a case-by-case basis consistent with the principles and requirements associated with academic freedom.

We have compiled a list of resources below to assist with the fellowship application process.

Recent Virtual Events:

Title: Pathology Fellowship Recruitment Town Hall
Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Time: 8:00pm ET / 7:00pm CT / 6:00pm MT / 5:00pm PT Duration: 1 hour  


Subspecialty Information

 Subspecialties are listed in alphabetical order.

FDAHC Representative: David Oh, MD
Subspecialty Society: Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies
Society Website: https://www.aabb.org/

FDAHC Representative: Beverly C. Handy, MD, MS
Subspecialty Society: American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Society Website: https://www.aacc.org/

FDAHC Representative: Bruce Levy, MD
Subspecialty Society: Association for Pathology Informatics
Society Website: https://www.pathologyinformatics.org/
Fellowships: https://www.pathologyinformatics.org/informatics-fellowships

FDAHC Representative: Vanda Torous, MD
Subspecialty Society: American Society for Cytopathology
Society Website: https://cytopathology.org/
Fellowships: https://cytopathology.org/page/CytopathologyFellowshipUnifiedTimeline

FDAHC Representative: Jane Messina, MD
Subspecialty Society: The American Society of Dermatopathology
Society Website: https://www.asdp.org/
Fellowships: https://www.asdp.org/physicians-in-training/dermatopathology-fellowships/

FDAHC Representative: Maura Dejoseph, DO
Subspecialty Society: National Association of Medical Examiners
Society Website: https://www.thename.org/
Fellowships: https://www.thename.org/forensic-fellowship-match

FDAHC Representative: Bachir Alobeid, MD
Subspecialty Society: Society for Hematopathology
Society Website: https://www.society-for-hematopathology.org/web/index.php

FDAHC Representative: John Branda, MD
Subspecialty Society: American Society for Microbiology
Society Website: https://asm.org/

FDAHC Representative: Mark Ewalt, MD
Subspecialty Society: Association for Molecular Pathology
Society Website: https://www.amp.org/
Fellowships: https://www.amp.org/education/career-development/molecular-genetic-pathology-mgp-fellowship-training-programs/

FDAHC Representative: Suzanne Powell, MD
Subspecialty Society: American Association of Neuropathologists
Society Website: https://www.neuropath.org/
Fellowships: https://www.neuropath.org/neuropathology-fellowships

FDAHC Representative: Mai (Mike) He, MD, PhD
Subspecialty Society: Society for Pediatric Pathology
Society Website: https://www.spponline.org/
Fellowships: https://www.spponline.org/fellowships

FDAHC Representative: Paul Staats, MD
Subspecialty Society: Association of Directors of Anatomic & Surgical Pathology
Society Website: https://www.adasp.org/
Surgical Pathology and Surgical Pathology Subspecialties Fellowship Recruitment page