APC Departments with Ongoing Searches for Chairs

InstitutionCurrent, Acting or Interim Chair
Emory University School of Medicine Guido Silvestri, MD (Interim)
University of Missouri School of Medicine Douglas C. Miller, MD, PhD (Interim)
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Gordon Love, MD (Interim)
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Merce Jorda, MD, PhD, MBA (Interim)
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine J. Charles Jennette, MD (Current)
Yale University School of Medicine
(Department of Pathology)
Jon S. Morrow, PhD, MD (Current)
George Washington University School of Medicine Donald S. Karcher, MD (Current)
Tufts University Medical Center Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, MD (Current)
Baystate Medical Center Richard Friedberg, MD, PhD (Current)
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University Leigh Patterson, MD (Interim)
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Charles S. Eby, MD (Interim)
Marshall University School of Medicine Krista L. Denning, MD (Interim)
Boston University School of Medicine Daniel G. Remick, MD (Current)
Tulane University School of Medicine Byron E. Crawford, MD (Interim)
Wake Forest School of Medicine Michael Cohen, MD (Interim)
University of Washington School of Medicine
(Department of Laboratory Medicine)

Geoffrey Baird, MD, PhD (Interim)

Mercer University School of Medicine Robert S. Donner, MD (Current)
University of Hawaii School of Medicine Karen Thompson, MD (Interim)
Oregon Health Sciences University Marjorie Grafe, MD, PhD (Interim)
University of Kansas Medical Center

No search currently underway

Fang Fan, MD, PhD (Interim)
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Melissa George, DO (Interim)
University of Washington School of Medicine
(Department of Pathology)

No search currently underway

Charles E. Alpers, MD (Interim)
University of South Alabama College of Medicine J. Elliot Carter, MD
Andrea G. Kahn, MD
(Interim Co-Chairs)


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