AAPath Graduate Medical Education Committee

Graduate Medical Education Committee E-List - gme@academicpathology.org

Chair - Eyas Hattab, MD, MBA, University of Louisville School of Medicine
Vice Chair - Jennifer Laudadio, MD, 
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine 

In accordance with AAPath's Operating Procedures, the goals of the GME Committee are to:

  1. Support academic pathology departments in their residency and fellowship training mission as well as in the training of graduate students in pathology
  2. Work with program directors of residency training programs to help assure their success
  3. Stay informed about activities of the Pathology Residency Review Committee and the American Board of Pathology and advise Council, chairs and PRODS of activities that will impact pathology residency training programs
  4. Be informed about activities within AAMC that impact graduate medical education activities in academic departments of pathology
  5. Maintain liaison with national pathology organizations that have active and ongoing interests in the education of pathologists in training, including the College of American Pathologists, the American Society for Clinical Pathology, pathology subspecialty organizations and the American Board of Pathology
  6. Explore and develop the role of graduate medical education in Continuing Medical Education in the emerging need for recertification

If you are a department chair who is interested in joining a committee, please contact the AAPath office at 302-660-4940 or info@academicpathology.org.