Program Coordinators (GMEAS)

The Graduate Medical Education Administrators Section (GMEAS) was established in 2012 to work in conjunction with the PRODS Section and the AAPath to support the mission of continued development and enhancement of graduate medical education programs in Pathology. GMEAS promotes the professional and educational development of its members by encouraging the exchange of ideas and methods within the membership and with other AAPath Sections and the greater GME community at large, presenting opportunities for education and career development, and advocating nationally for the profession. GMEAS supports and promotes the certification process of Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME) although it is not affiliated with this organization.

GMEAS Resources

Eligibility for Membership

GMEAS includes coordinators, administrators, and managers of GME programs training residents and subspecialty fellows in Pathology as accredited by the ACGME, as well as non-accredited programs. These administrative professionals, regardless of their title, are referred to by the ACGME within their structure as program coordinators. Members work in conjunction with the GME program directors, program faculty members, trainees, designated institutional officials (DIOs), and other relevant representatives for the effective administrative management of training programs. Click here to learn more about AAPath membership.

GMEAS History 

1999-San Diego, CA: The first discussion about creating a national pathology program coordinator group took place at  Don Bossart's NCERP (National Center for the Evaluation of Residency Programs) meeting.

2003-Albuquerque, NM: A dozen Pathology Coordinators met over lunch to brainstorm developing a professional organization at the leadership of Michelle Rickard. 

2003-2009: The University of Washington hosted an on-line community named CAMS (Coordinator, Administrators, Managers Section) for pathology program coordinators to share information and be a resource for each other.

2010-Seattle, WA: Michelle Rickard attended the APC meeting to discuss forming a coordinator group within APC.

2010-2011: Coordinators worked on a proposal to create a section in APC.  They were invited to the 2011 APC meeting in Monterey, CA as guests under the PRODS group.

2012-Monterey, CA: Our first APC meeting as GMEAS!  Under the first GMEAS President Michelle Rickard and friends we developed operating procedures and became an essential part of APC. Since then, GMEAS members have met during the APC annual meeting.