Leadership Development & Diversity Committee

Leadership Development & Diversity E-List - ldd@academicpathology.org

Chair - Amyn Rojiani, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University
Vice Chair - Jenny Libien, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

The Leadership Development & Diversity Committee was established as an ad hoc committee by the APC Council in July 2011 to address certain perceived needs vocalized by the membership and supported by the Council. By vote of the membership, LD&D became a standing committee of the APC in early 2015.

In general, there is significant data indicating a critical need for leadership, recruitment and retention efforts in academic pathology. The committee identified four major areas to target in order to address these needs:

Data gathering and distribution: Current members of pathology departments include four generational subgroups, with under-representation of women and minorities-especially in leadership positions. Develop an intra-AAPath survey tool, to track generational, training subspecialty, demographic and other changes within AAPath member institutions relevant to leadership development and the promotion of diversity in our specialty. Analyze, distribute and use these data to identify trends and apparent barriers to progress. Possible ways to share these findings: with Chairs and Council, via publication, or as the basis for new institutional or organizational initiatives.

Program development: Evaluate the need for enhanced programming in leadership, diversity, and HR related issues for the AAPath meetings and regional meetings. Identify program topics, suggest speakers and other tools that may be of use to AAPath Chairs, departments and affiliated organizations. Stress the linkage between these efforts and the initiatives of AAPath's other standing committees (those committees include Undergraduate Medical EducationGraduate Medical Education, Practice and ManagementResearch, and Advocacy). Two such initiatives include the Pathology Leadership Academy (PLA), a "crash course" for aspiring leaders which will precede AAPath's annual meeting; and the Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership Program (DILP), which guides a small cohort of Pathology faculty through a two-year fellowship.

Leadership tools, links and networking: Identify, vet and provide (with regular updates) online materials, including scholarly publications, power point presentations, and video tools to be used by AAPath members/departments in leadership development and promoting diversity. Monitor and summarize workforce and population trends; link AAPath members to data gathered by the AAMC, CAP, USCAP, ABP, LCME and others.

Pathology leadership development and support: Leverage members' expertise to benefit other AAPath members or future academic leaders. This may include the establishment of a crash course for new chairs and chair candidates akin to what has been established by the Chairs in Psychiatry (e.g. the Pathology Leadership Academy or "PLA"); the identification and referral of current chairs willing to mentor one on one to new or troubled chairs, or individuals considering seeking chair positions (e.g. the Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership Program or "DILP"); or the establishment of 'sister' departments to allow sharing of critical teaching, educational or other tools relative to leadership development.