APC Annual Meetings (Past & Future)

Dates and locations for future meetings have been determined through 2025. The programs of previous annual meetings are preserved and available to view online.

APC's Pathology Leadership Academy

This program is designed to build and strengthen leadership skills and knowledge in future leaders of academic pathology and laboratory medicine departments, and to provide a preview of a potential future phase of one's academic career.

APC Satellite Meetings

APC schedules small events around, and appears at, other major Pathology meetings.

Regional Chairs' and Administrators' Meetings

Local meetings of chairs and department administrators in the Southeast and West/Mid-West regions, and chairs (only) in the Northeast region, are held annually. These meetings are not planned or executed by the APC Council or the APC Office.



Leaders Learning Series

Industry Update Webinars


APC Code of Conduct:
Events and listservs managed or held by the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) exist for the professional development of members and for the advancement of academic pathology. Members and guests of events and listservs are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, cordiality and respect. At a minimum, APC expects members and guests to abide by local and national laws, and APC's General Rules for Antitrust CompliancePDF, when attending or interacting at APC events and on APC listservs. Read the full text of APC's Code of Conduct.

For more information, please contact the APC Office at 302-660-4940 or info(at)